About This Site

Due to the continuing participation in illegal street racing activities, law enforcement organizations in Colorado have joined together to educate the public about the dangers involved in illegal street racing and to provide a way for the citizens of Colorado to report tips to help thwart the potential threat. This community policing initiative has been designed to keep our citizens and roadways safe from the potential deadly and criminal activity of illegal street racers.

Our Objective

To disrupt and deter those who seek to illegally race on the roadways in Colorado in order to maintain public safety.


Educate and Inform


It is important to educate Colorado residents and businesses about the threat of danger posed by illegal street racers to the community and provide a means for them to report criminal activity anonymously. 


There is also a need to assist educators and parents in identifying indicators of illegal street racing involvement by recognizing youth’s involvement in the illegal activity. The need to educate young people is evident and to inform them of the consequences of their involvement in illegal street racing activities could result in loss of vehicle, citations, arrest, injury, and death.


What is Being Done


In general, illegal street racing activities fall within the jurisdiction of state and local law enforcement. As the illegal street racing groups cross jurisdictional boundaries, it creates a need to encourage all jurisdictions to work together in coordinated efforts so try and prevent and deter the illegal racing activity. Agencies from across Colorado are putting together an effort to show the illegal street racers that they will not allow these dangerous behaviors to continue.


The Outlook


Illegal street racing activity has been occurring for many, many years and is very likely to remain at high levels as they continue to expand their group numbers. In combination with risky driving behavior and high rates of speed, the potential use of weapons, drugs, dealing in stolen cars and parts, are a probable part of the car club culture and pose a risk to the public and law enforcement when the groups are out in public places and on the roadways. These groups are highly mobile, moving from one jurisdiction to the next, and put a strain on law enforcement resources across all communities. Law enforcement needs the public’s assistance in reporting these instances of illegal street racing to help focus future resources and use targeted patrols to help prevent these illegal activities.


Illegal Street Racing and Related Criminal Activity Will Not Be Tolerated


It is the position of the law enforcement community to neither tolerate illegal street racing nor their activity within their jurisdictions. All crimes committed by illegal street racers and their members should be investigated and when appropriate, charges should be filed. All contacts with illegal street racers should be documented. Suspected illegal street racing related incidents or crimes that are reported as such need to be thoroughly investigated by the criminal justice system.


We Need Your Help
Anonymous Reporting of Illegal Street Racing Activity


The Colorado Street Racing Working Group was created to address the continued dangers presented by illegal street racing. The group is made up of law enforcement officers, investigators, analysts, district and city attorneys, and support staff, all of whom are dedicated to eliminating or drastically reducing the instances of illegal street racing. It collects and reports information on all types of illegal street racing and does not focus on any individual or group solely because of ethnic or socioeconomic status. In response to increasing illegal street racing activity, the Working Group has created this website to keep Colorado citizens and roadways safe from increased risk of deadly incidents. This website allows citizens to report anonymous tips and illegal street racing activity in an effort to thwart the threat.


Working Group Members


City of Denver Attorney’s Office

Denver District Attorney’s Office

1st Judicial District Attorney’s Office

4th Judicial District Attorney’s Office

17th Judicial District Attorney’s Office

18th Judicial District Attorney’s Office

Adams County Sheriff’s Office

Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office

Arvada Police Department

Aurora Police Department

Boulder County Sheriff's Office

Brighton Police Department

Broomfield Police Department

Castle Rock Police Department

Colorado Information Analysis Center

Colorado Springs Police Department

Colorado State Patrol

Commerce City Police Department

Denver Police Department

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office
Edgewater Police Department

Federal Heights Police Department

Fountain Police Department

Glendale Police Department

Golden Police Department

Greenwood Village Police Department

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office

Lakeside Police Department

Lakewood Police Department

Larimer County Sheriff’s Office

Littleton Police Department

Lone Tree Police Department

Longmont Police Department

Mountain View Police Department

Morrison Police Department

Northglenn Police Department

Parker Police Department

Thornton Police Department
Westminster Police Department

Wheat Ridge Police Department